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Why have an AA House Check?

Buying a house without having it professionally checked and then having to spend large sums of money on unexpected repair bills can cause much worry and regret. A small outlay can save you years of heartache and thousands of dollars.

Don't make the mistake of judging a house by its glossed-up exterior and beautiful furnishings and garden. Houses of any age can have inherent problems, whether old or brand new. You need to know the true condition of the property you are buyng. In the light of our findings you can make a confident decision to proceed; renegotiate the offer; or cancel the contract if serious problems are found.

It is standard practice to check out a car before you buy it. How much more important is it to have an AA House Check on your biggest ever investment!?

Gap between underside colorsteel

December, 2007

Gap that exists between the underside of the Colorsteel spouting and the top of the lateral pergola column at the extreme SE corner. When water was sprayed into this gap water immediately appeared in the wall of the downstairs bedroom.